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Blog Definition of Soil | The Composition of Soil

Definition of Soil | The Composition of Soil

what is soil


The soil is a natural medium that acts as a basement for all other materials and living entities. Normally the definition of soil has a variation person to person according to the point of view of their perspective.
The definition of soil to a farmer is not similar to the definition of soil to an engineer. However, the soil composition can also be understood from the definition of soil. Two definitions of soil are given below:

According to Kellogg (1960),
“Soil is the collection of natural bodies occupying portions of the earth’s surface that support plants and that have properties due to the integrated effect of climate and living matter, acting upon parent material, as conditioned by relief, over periods of time (Hartemink, 2016).”

According to Hilgard (1892),
“Soil is more or less a loose & friable material in which plants, by means of their roots find a foothold for nourishment as well as for other conditions of growth.”

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