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Blog 7 Easy Methods To Enrich The Environment

7 Easy Methods To Enrich The Environment

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There are many ways for making our environment perfect for all of us. We can use the natural resources such as soil, water and other resources properly. Today I will talk about  7 easy methods to enrich the environment.

1. Tree Plantation


        Tree plantation is one of the most important issues for developing our environment. We should plant trees frequently. When we cut a tree, at that time we should also plant a tree for making the ratio of the Carbon dioxide stable. Eventually, the amount of carbon dioxide plays a crucial role in getting our environment suitable for all living beings.

2. Skip the Car


         We should avoid a car journey when we will go to the places around us. When we reduce the use of motor-car, the environment will be good for all. Instead of driving to the nearby shopping mall or taking the bus to work, walking or riding a cycle is an eco-friendly condition for our life.

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